Performance Enhanced By 50%

David Boyd contacted us to let us know of his terrific success and to let us know how Blue Chip Dynamic has helped him achieve this. David has racked up a very impressive string of Championships including BDS Carriage Driving Festival Champion Hackney, the NIDA Lurgan Supreme Champion Hackney, BDS Saintfield Supreme Champion Hackney and to top it all of also picked up Supreme Champion at Royal Ulster and has featured on many Hackney websites all around the world including the USA, Canada, Holland, the UK and South Africa.


In the words of one of the Judges at Royal Ulster his pony Potpurri Farm Comin’ Thru is “world class” – hardly surprising though considering he is also an “International Supreme Champion”.


David says on Blue Chip Dynamic 

“My champion was put straight on to Blue Chip Dynamic when he came from the States. His performance was enhanced by 50%.  The development of his joint flexion was phenomenal. Feed Blue Chip Dynamic and success will come your way!  When under pressure in the show ring, when the chips are down, Blue Chip Dynamic makes all the difference in the world”.

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