Original & Karma Transform 4-year old Ex-Racer Mare

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I would just like to say how amazing both Blue Chip Original and Karma are.

They have transformed my 4-year-old ex-racer mare, Rosa, into a calmer and all round healthier horse.

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I bought Rosa straight from her trainer last August as she was not up to the job. She had her last race in June so was relatively “race horse fit” still.

When I got Rosa home she was quite buzzy and unsettled (as you can imagine). She was given a few months off to relax and I began seeking a diet that would help her maintain optimum condition without the “buzz”.

I began to ride Rosa after a few months and generally she was well behaved but very easily unsettled by any changes (riding in a different arena, objects in different places etc.)

She was typically very sensitive to any of my aids and had a tendancy to over react. At this point she was also not taking to her diet and her condition was both difficult and expensive to maintain. I began to research different feeds and supplements to see what was available.

A friend of ours feeds her dressage horse Original and he is in imaculate, optimum condition. He has the ideal weight, his coat is super glossy and his skin healthy.

Our friend highly recommended Original as a feed balancer. After months of failing with other balancers and seeing her horse in such fantastic condition we thought we would give it a try.

After a few weeks Rosa’s condition was improving ten fold. Her coat was incredibly shiny, she was holding her weight and really tucked into her dinners. Since then we have never looked back and Rosa remains in optimum condition. We are also saving so much more money as a bag of Original lasts us around 5-6 weeks, whereas before we were going through other feeds at double the rate and price!

Despite Original massively helping she was still quite sharp and flustered when under saddle so we looked into calmers, although already sceptical. As we were already so pleased with the results of Original we looked into the Karma. Another friend of ours mentioned she had used it on her tb x connemara and highly recommended it. So we took the plunge and gave it a go.

After only one week I saw huge changes to Rosa both under saddle and in herself. She became so relaxed and wasn’t as sharp or temperamental. I can’t tell you how much the Karma has helped in our re-training of Rosa. She is so much easier to work with and is a much happier horse overall.

The spooking has been reduced dramatically, although she does still have the odd spook. I can wrap my legs around her and use my seat and leg aids without a dramatic over reaction. I can ride her in different surroundings without the nervous tension and really start to enjoy riding her.

I have never found calmers as effective as Karma and without it I would be lost! Blue Chip Karma and Original have given me a new horse.
Thanks Blue Chip!
Kind Regards,

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