New Year, New Feed Balancer!

Help your horse reach their full potential with Blue Chip Original this year

As the New Year comes around, we are all thinking about setting goals and targets for the season ahead; whether it be to step up a competition level in
our chosen discipline, or simply to keep our horses happy, healthy and in optimum condition. In order to fulfil these resolutions, it may be the perfect time to reconsider the feeding regime we have for our horses and ponies and introduce a Blue Chip Balancer into their diet to provide them with a complete nutritional package to keep them thriving and at the top of their game all year round.

Blue Chip Original is the best-selling balancer in the Blue Chip range and has been specifically formulated to provide all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your horse or pony needs on a daily basis to gain condition and maintain a steady weight all year round. It incorporates a high quality yeast probiotic into its formula to promote a healthy bacterial gut balance and improve digestive efficiency, which when combined with Nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA and RNA, forms a double action digestive supplement which can increase fibre digestibility by up to 100%, perfect for helping your horse or pony gain as much nutrition as possible out of the diet you provide.

If you are looking to increase your horses’ workload this coming year, Blue Chip Original provides a high quality source of protein to aid correct muscle formation and the development of a strong topline, as well as Omega 3 and 6 oils from soya and linseed oils which have anti-inflammatory properties and help to keep the skin strong and scurf free and the coat glossy and gleaming to make your horse stand out from the crowd.

Nathalie Kayal

The correct balance of ingredients are the key to success!

Maintaining a sound horse is incredibly important to every horse owner, so Blue Chip Original includes SoundHoofTM, a biotin, methionine and lysine based hoof supplement that promotes the formation of strong, pliable horn growth to preserve hoof integrity and quality all year round. Also, Nucleotides further benefit your horse or pony as they are vital in the growth and repair of tissues and muscle, improving recovery rates and enhancing stamina levels as they boost red blood cell turnover, so more oxygen can be carried around the body. Blue Chip is the only UK feed company to include Nucleotides in their formulations, helping your horse or pony to achieve the winning edge like no other feed can.

Finally, the 100% natural, whole cereal and molasses free formula of Blue Chip Original contains all the key vitamins, minerals and nutrients your horse or pony needs to be in peak condition throughout all the seasonal changes that they will encounter during the year ahead, giving them a consistent nutritional base to achieve those New Year’s resolutions and make 2017 your best year yet!

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