If you were stressed out, you’d want something tasty too. Blue Chip has formulated a new range of delicious, naturally flavoured, concentrated, instant calmers based on the tastes your horse loves the most: carrot and apple.


Each syringe of CARROTCALM and APPLECALM has 3 concentrated calms which contain a superior water-soluble form of magnesium that is quickly absorbed into the blood stream; L-tryptophan, an essential amino acid required for the formation of serotonin, the ‘feel-good’ and ‘anti-stress’ hormone and Vitamin C, which is vital to horses under stress from exercise, training and new environments or situations. CARROTCALM and APPLECALM will give your horse an instant boost of magnesium and calm, without leaving a bad taste in their mouth.


The results have been incredible with CARROTCALM and APPLECALM working very quickly and horses loving the taste. Already horses and ponies that have taken part in our trials have qualified for HOYS. The syringes have been tested on a large variety of horses and ponies, from one that was petrified of water, one that would not be shod, to those that got very anxious at shows, with a 92% success rate.

Trials featured leading riders including:

  • Top show producer Danielle Heath, found “After giving my 4 year old a dose of CARROTCALM before he traveled and before his class, he was much more settled and relaxed at the show.”
  • International dressage rider Henry Boswell felt his “5 year old really liked CARROTCALM. It really took the edge off my young horse in the arena – he was much calmer, better behaved and didn’t spook.”
  • Young, up and coming show jumper Beth Vernon, describes “My mare can be a handful when I’m trying to mount, after giving her APPLECALM, she stood perfectly for me, with no-one to help!”
As well as:
  • Jerome Harforth of Stanley Grange Stud and Show Team, “We get a lot of youngsters that come to us that haven’t been handled very much or have just been weaned and leaving their dam can be very stressful. It is a big change for the youngsters coming to our busy yard, and we have found that CARROTCALM and APPLECALM has been very effective. It helps to relax them, removing their anxiety when trimming, if they are being shod and when travelling. These calmers have helped a number of our horses and ponies to cope with new situations, without affecting their performance in the ring.”
  • Shetland pony show producer Frances Morkill says her “Shetland pony mare normally gets very stressed the day before a show, she loved the taste of CARROTCALM, and was so much calmer and settled in her stable after her bath.”
  • Jade Duncan tried APPLECALM on her mothers ex-racehorse, Jerry. “He is a nervous traveller on his own and in the trailer and I found that APPLECALM worked a treat on him. He loaded well, was well behaved travelling and performed perfectly throughout the whole day. It was nice to give him a product that takes the edge off but doesn’t affect his performance.”
  • Shetland pony owner Vicky Howard says, “I gave her APPLECALM before we loaded to go the Sedgefield show and it was amazing! She stood in a collecting ring with generators, kids bursting balloons, music (all of which would have normally wound her up) like a rock. The difference in my pony is amazing, both in the way she looks and the way she behaves at shows.”


Both CARROTCALM and APPLECALM cost £12.50 per syringe (RRP), just over £4 per calm. All ingredients are 100% natural, contain no banned substances and are non-drowsy, making them perfect for every eventuality. The calms are designed to be given between 30 and 60 minutes before an exciting or stressful situation to help ensure a better experience for all involved.


For more information please visit or call 0114 266 6200.


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