New Calming Balancer Helps Rainy Stable on Her Own


“I thought I would send you a picture of Rainy happily munching on Super Concentrated Calming Balancer you are kindly supplying her, I add it to a molasses free chaff. This has helped her no end as prior to feeding her this she would not stable on her own…. I genuinely mean that!

She also had another vets appointment today where she was super brave, she had an injection in her lateral ligament in her patella and also some more x rays. Next week she is staying at Bishop Burton Equine Hydrotherapy centre for 2 weeks for her aqua treadmill treatments; Isabella will be joining her for some sessions too, to keep her company!

Last time they went the Bishop Burton marketing team came down as they were the first ever miniature horses to use the facilities. Their first award class is this weekend so I can’t wait to go there. cheap marrakech car rental The girls will be staying at home for this one as Rainy has only just come back from the vets. ” -Bryony Gillespie



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