Meet the Rescue Pony Found in a Shocking Way Who Transformed Into a Star

Bernard was rescued by the RSPCA around three years ago in Gwent where he was found with three other horses.

“Bernard just after he was picked up, was covered in rain scald which you can’t see from the pictures, had a heavy worm burden, was weak and lethargic leaning on walls and doorway, and was suffering from Salmonella and was very underweight.This horse had to be hand fed for a few days as he was too weak to pull hay from a haynet; Bernard didn’t have the strength to get up on his own and had to have assistance for the first few weeks getting to his feet.”




Bernard’s recovery after being rescued wasn’t easy, but after a difficult six months of intensive care, and being fed Blue Chip Original, he has gone from strength to strength, and he has since been adopted by his carer.

“After the first month he began to get a great character, cheeky but loving with a twinkle in his eye, he really loves people especially Shannon who has helped tend to him from the very beginning.

He has rewarded us tenfold by winning and getting placed in everything we enter him in, he loves going places, and never stresses as long as he has food, and he is not bothered about anything.



“Bernard at a 5 bar competition coming 2nd, jumping a huge 1.40 metre fence, against very stiff competition of top show jumpers.  He also came second at the BRC Horse trials Championships in his arena and 10th overall. Not bad for a rescue pony!”

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