Mare & Foal Are Healthy And Happy On Lami-light And Original

My foal, Malachy, is fed Blue Chip Original and I wanted to share how he’s been getting on since using it.

He has settled down a lot in the last two months, I have had help with him and he can now be caught and handled although sometimes I have to chase him round his Mum a couple of times first.

I am starting to pick his feet out and lead him around. He has had his 1st two flu & tetanus jabs and has been microchipped and he was very good on both occasions.

He is still a nervous boy, which might be just the way he is but I am working with him daily between poo picking the field, filling up the water trough and rushing to work.

The main difference is how much he has grown, he now stands at 13hh and weights 513lbs. I have also noticed that his bone density has increased, and comparing the difference between him and his half siblings in the farm next door, he has more bone and better growth size for size than they do.

Unfortunately his mum has had a positive diagnosis of Cushings in October, she’s only 7 years old. I have had my suspicions for a couple of years, but thought she was too young, this is another reason why I did not want to breed from her (although she had other ideas!)

She has been on Lami-light for a while now as I noticed she was hanging onto her coat in Spring and since October has a daily Pergolide tablet and is doing well. The farrier commented on how tough her feet were and mentioned she would not need shoes, so I am really pleased as last year they were full of grass cracks and could not keep a set of shoes on, she also had an abscess.

I think the loyalty scheme on the new bags is a great idea, I am definitely going to use that.


Kindest regards,

Maggie Hendry



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