Maestoso Ballerina III – Enjoys Life On Blue Chip

This is Maestoso Ballerina III – or as we like to call him Professor Plum!! He is a full Lipizzaner. I have had him since he was 9 but ridden him as a 6 year old onwards.


Unfortunately before I owned him he was mistreated by some very horrible men and it took me a long time to gain his trust. Since then we have competed dressage and done charity rides and had all the ups and downs we all have with our horses! I always struggled to balance his condition and waistline throughout the year so was keen to try out this ‘Blue Chip’ that my friend told me about.


I had tried other products with little success but Blue Chip was almost an instant hit! He is now 22 and his weight and condition stays good and constant all year round. As you can see he certainly enjoys life!!


Thanks Blue Chip!


Tracey Barnbrook

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