Louise Doherty: October Update

It’s been a busy month for Blue Chip sponsored rider, Louise Doherty but somehow, around moving house and planning a friend’s wedding, she has managed to squeeze in plenty of competitions with Lucas and Corky this month and here is her latest blog post to tell us what she has been up to!

‘This month, both horses have had a little time off as Corky pulled a muscle in his back and Lucas ended up with a cut under his eye! The things they will do to get a holiday! They are however, both back to their cheeky, normal selves and have come in now for the winter so a good clipping session is just around the corner.’

‘Much to his disappointment, Corky has only been competing at British Dressage competitions as until Iarea-festival-2 am 100% happy with his back, we are taking a little break from jumping. We competed at the PetPlan Area Festival a few weeks ago, and as it was our first competition back after his break, Corky was a little lively to say the least but still picked up a respectable score in the top third of the field. We were back out again on Saturday 15th October at the BD Small Tour Championship picking up 2nd and 4th in our two classes which I was over the moon with. This weekend, we are heading off to the South East Scotland Dressage Group Championships and then much to Corky’s delight, we will start jumping again! Our winter season will be made up of a mix of BD, BS and some arena eventing and indoor XC, so plenty of variety to keep him interested.’

‘Lucas has been enjoying a quiet summer while I have been eventing Corky, but is now back into full work and out show jumping again. We were both a little rusty with Lucas throwing in a spooky stop in the British Novice I competed in at Blue Ridge Equestrian Centre, but hopefully, when we get back into the swing of things, we will be back on fine form! In the weeks to come, we are off to a pizza and jumping night (two of my favourite things!) and then are competing in the BS Amateur Second Rounds where we can hopefully do well enough to qualify to get down to the final at Aintree.’


Keep up to date with Louise, Corky and Lucas on her Facebook page here, at Amateur Equestrian Antics and read her blog posts on her website at www.amateurantics.net

Photos courtesy of Dave Cameron Photography

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