Louis. A Rescued Pony

Hi, I thought you might be interested in our pony, Louis. We “rescued” (bought) 8 year old Louis 2 weeks ago in a very poor state. He’d been grazing a very poor paddock with nothing but dock leaves for several months. After speaking to one of your nutritional specialists we have gradually introduced him to Blue Chip Original (today is his first day on full rations) together with a little Alfa-A Oil, a mix of hay and haylage, some decent grazing during the day and a lot of TLC. He’s had a visit from the farrier who will see him every 3 weeks for the next few months, had his vaccinations, been wormed and had a good haircut! He’s now a much happier chap and whilst he still has a long way to go to get back to the successful show pony that we have now found out he was in his better days, I think you will agree the change in just 2 weeks is amazing.

Helen Dickinson


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