Laura and Harvey Pushed Out of Their Comfort Zone

Pushed out of my comfort zone today and probably Harvey’s as well. We entered two novice tests! We’ve done a handful before but always done them with a prelim test.

So after our lesson on Friday we just hacked yesterday, got on to warm up today and he felt so much better in the contact.

The first test was the novice 24, I won’t lie apart from a few wobbles he felt great!! So more work needed on the medium trot and canter strides and the stretch could have been better but I was so pleased he listened and didn’t argue in the contact AND I used my bloody left elbow and leg,

My God it was HOT!

Put him away between tests to have a wee and a drink and then warmed him back up for novice 27 – God there is so much in this test!! It felt like it went on forever. I didn’t ride as well and Harvey was getting a bit flat. I threw the contact away a little but no major errors and he didn’t break in any movements

First test.. 69% And first

Second test 66% and 4th!!!

Overall chuffed to bits never thought I’d see the day.

I have too many lumps and bumps and wobbly bits to ride without my jacket just yet.

(Image Credits to: James A Wilson)


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