Lami-light Improves Shetlands Coat and Confidence

out of condition ponypony with condition gainI bought a standard Shetland, called Rosie, who had a foal on her but was in fair condition. After weaning the foal she looked poor and had difficulty shedding her winter coat.

I decided to put Rosie on Lami-light, so that she had a feed when the others did.

I have seen the improvement in the bigger horses after using a feed balancer but I didn’t think that it would be the same in a Shetland however the improvement in her was amazing. She looks fantastic now and is an absolute poppet.

She has been transformed from a nervous little pony to being handled and rode by 3-7 year olds who will  happily take her out. Rosie trots along with one on board, one leading and usually the youngest toddling in front. Her lovely nature is well known by many and as far as I am concerned she is the bigggest hearted horse we have ever had.

Earlier this year Rosie competed for fun at Amateur Showing Summer and won Reserve Champion.

We have also started to drive with her and she’s brilliant- whatever you throw at her she just accepts. We have 2 cobs, a Fresian x cob, a Arab x newforest and a couple of Welsh SecA and Rosie certainly holds her own with the others.
I would love to see her in the Shetland Grand National because she can really move and will pop jumps that nearly reach her nose!

Recently I rescued a 4-year-old cob mare, who has had 2 foals already and is broken to ride and drive. She is now being fed on Blue Chip Lami-Light too.

Wendy & Rosie at the Amateur Showing Society 2011 at Arena UK.

I wanted to say a special thank you to the Blue Chip people at Your Horse Live who were not just out to sell their products but kind enough to give advice – which is a rare commodity in this day and age. Keep it up!


Thank you,
Wendy George







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