Lami-light Improves Quality Of Life For 15-Year-Old-Horse

We have a 15 year old Welsh Section A, who we have had for 8 years.

She has suffered laminitis on and off throughout those 8 years and it has become a lot more frequent over the past 2 years.

In December 2010 she again succumbed, this time the vet said it was due to the hard ground although she was only turned out for a few hours a day on limited grazing.  She was put on box rest for 3 months and daily bute and although she improved she was still not sound. We thought we would have to have her put down.

In May 2011 we won a sack of Blue Chip Lami-light, and since feeding it she has improved considerably.  She is no longer on bute, and is sound at walk, trot and canter (although you can still see a slight un-soundness round corners).

It’s lovely to see her able to play and run round the field again. If she continues like this my granddaughter should be able to start riding her again.

Needless to say I shall be feeding Blue Chip Lami-light continually in the future.


Many thanks,



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