Lami-light helps Nimrod’s hooves get back to normal

09.09.12 – Nimrod aged 27 ½ – sound and happy

When I first started using Blue Chip Lami-light I starting keeping a record in the 40 day diary; although it is over a year since I finished this diary I thought I would send you it. We eventually went barefoot with him after having heart bar shoes; this seemed to be the best way to go. Although we struggled with lots of reoccurring abscesses, he came sound this year. Still barefoot, I bought Cavalo hoof boots and started taking him on walks, I then started riding him out on walks, and eventually we did a few small trots. In July this year we cantered again for the first time in 3 years, I was elated.

He is one cheeky monkey, well-loved by many, with bags of character. I am hoping we might get shoes on in the near future, before the winter hits.

He has lost many large pieces of hoof/hoof wall and grew new soles. The cavities have nearly grown out and I have to take my hat off to my farrier, who I had to seek out for the job; he worked hard to re-shape and sculpt his hooves into a normal shape again.

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