Lami-light Helps Horse to Walk and Trot Again

Lami-light photos0001Please find enclosed 2 photos of my Welsh Section A mare – Rosie before, and Rosie 6 weeks later. She suffers from ****** ********* ******** and I was desperate to find something to help her; she has a degree of ******** and has had laminitis.

For about the last 4 days she has been sound. We’ve had to put boots on her because she was so sensitive on the hard ground, but now we don’t put the boots on because the ground is not so hard at the moment, and she’s walking and trotting sound. She’s not had a very nice temperament, but since being on Lami-light, the last few days, I suddenly realised she’s not trying to bite me – so I’m sure Lami-light has helped her. When we lead her around the field she looks like a miniature thoroughbred! Thank you very much for Lami-light.

Geraldine Beaumont

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