Lami-light Aids Shetlands Foot Health

out of condition pony


Jonti is my little Shetland Pony and is 19 years of age.

A friend gave her to me when she was 10-years-old to keep my mare company. She was found at a horse sale and was in a totally neglected state.

My farrier, who first attended her feet said they were really bad and had not had any attention for a considerable time.

As a result of this neglect her feet were a very strange shape and grew very quickly like Turkish slippers. When I first got her I sometimes had to get them trimmed every 3-4 weeks because they grew so long so quickly; now I have her feet trimmed every six weeks to keep them as short as possible which enables her to walk better.

I also had her feet X-rayed and the results showed damage to the joints and there is nothing that can be done. I just concentrate on keeping her comfortable now. She is not worked and is solely a companion pony to my riding horse. She is fine on soft ground but struggles on hard ground.

She has an open stable with a nice deep bed and can come and go as she pleases. She is a lovely little soul with a great personality and I don’t know how anyone could have neglected her in this way.

out of condition pony

Jonti & Minnie

Last Spring I started her on Blue Chip Lami-light. My other little Shetland who has EMS had laminitis and I bought it for her but thought I would give some to Jonti as well. There has been a significant difference in Jonti’s hooves since then. They are a much better shape, she is walking much better and they are not growing nearly so long now.

My farrier had very little to trim off them on his last visit and commented on this. Since feeding the Lami-light her feet are now a much more normal shape – sorry I haven’t got a recent photo of her.

I would highly recommend this balancer and will continue to feed it all year round.


Rena Wallace


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