Keeping Calm on Bonfire Night

Bonfire night and the surrounding period can be a cause for concern for horse owners. Finding out any information about displays in your area is the best way to plan ahead, so you know when the majority of the fireworks are going to be let off. You will also need to decide whether your horse is going to be stabled for the night or left in the field. It is recommended that your horse stays in its usual routine to prevent further stress. The sound of fireworks triggers the nervous system and horses can easily become stressed and frightened. The following tips have been put together to give you best chance of a stress-free night on November 5th.

Firework Night Top Tips


1 Blue Chip’s Super Concentrated Calming Balancer is a new, revolutionary premium feed balancer with a powerful calmer. It is so nutrient dense that a medium sized horse only needs 100grams per day. This Calming Balancer can be fed all year round to help keep your horse or pony calm and settled, it comes in a handy 3kg tub which is exceptional value for money and will last an average sized horse a month.

2 Be proactive and check for any local displays in the area. Letting people and organisers know there are horses stabled nearby, is a great place to start. This way, people will be more careful and aim fireworks away from where your horse is kept.

3 If your horse doesn’t deal well with fireworks, then considor using Blue Chip Karma in the run up to bonfire night. Start feeding 50ml daily for six days before, then reduce the dose to 25ml after bonfire night until the fireworks have stopped.  For particularly stressed horses, this can safely be fed at 50ml daily throughout the whole period and increased to 100ml on 5th November. When fed at the recommended amount everyday, the inclusion of a superior form of water-soluble magnesium, L-tryptophan and Vitamin C in Karma will help to maintain normal blood pressure and relax muscle, gradually encouraging calmness and reducing negative responses.

4 If your horse is normally quiet and settled use Blue Chip CARROTCALM or APPLECALM on the night of the fireworks to help keep your horse relaxed and settled and reduce the chance of any accidents. Blue Chip CARROTCALM and APPLECALM contain the same natural ingredients as Blue Chip Karma, and are designed to be given between 30 and 60 minutes before the display is due to start.

5 Horses are naturally ‘flight’ animals and will instinctively run away from potential danger, using a calmer that contains a water-soluble form of magnesium will help to maintain normal blood pressure and relax muscles, gradually encouraging calmness and reducing negative responses.

6 Finally it is important to keep an eye on your horse to ensure that they are safe and calm. Having a familiar face and positive attitude can really help to reassure a horse or pony, and you are there to react quickly if necessary.

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