Karma Tried & Tested In Equestrian Life Magazine

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The December issue of Equestrian Life Magazine featured a tried and tested piece on Blue Chip Karma.

The candidate chosen to try Karma was a Welsh section D, who prior to having the equine calmer added to his feed would find larger, busier shows very difficult to cope with and would become stressed.

Read below to find out the positive effects Karma had on his performance at shows and on his overall attitude.



I was very pleased to be offered the chance to try the Blue Chip Karma on our Welsh Section D. He is a very sharp pony and no two days are the same. We have tried many calmer products which have had little or no effect. He is a successful all-rounder who loves to do anything from dressage to one-day-events and hunting, he is a regular competitor in the show ring and working hunter classes.

As he has got older he finds the larger, busier shows very difficult to cope with and can get very stressed, loses concentration, will not behave in the ring and on more than one occasion we have had to retire mid-class.

We were asked to take part in our local Riding Club team event at Ponies UK this summer. One was a flat class and one was a workers. Being Ponies UK, I knew it would be busy with competitors and spectators but more than that, the fences would be bigger and bolder with lots of fillers compared to our local riding club level. As I walked the course, I was fairly confident that I would not get to fence two, let alone jump it.

However, our preparation was good, he had his Karma in his morning feed before we left home and I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed he was when I walked him from the lorry park to the ring. The practice jumps proved no problem, he stood when I asked, no sweating up or shaking. He didn’t seem remotely bothered about anything going on around him. Unbelievably, he entered the ring, stood for the Judges and then jumped a fantastic round, resulting in just one pole down. For a 14hh pony, in with many horses, he completely kept his cool and we came home delighted with a 5th in the class. However we went home as we don’t live very far away from Newark Showground and came back for the evening performance and the calmer had totally worn off by the time we went in – he was back to his usual Hi Ho Silver routine!!! Therefore I should have given him some more in the afternoon, especially for such a buzzy event – lesson learned.

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