Karma Relaxes Ponies At Wealden Horse Rescue Centre


Karma helps to keep rescued horses & ponies at Wealden Horse Rescue Centre calm and relaxed.

At Wealden Horse Rescue Centre we use Karma for the horses and ponies in our care, and it has proved to be the most effective calmer that I have tried across a broad range of horses.

We give it daily to a very highly strung TB mare, Girlie (pictured) who is just a different horse with it.

We have used it on a colt, Dollar who has chronic and acute locking stifles. His leg had been left locked solid for goodness knows how long (long enough for him to have become well accustomed to running about on three legs!)

Karma seemed to help the muscles around the joint relax as they were in constant spasm. As the leg just would not come free, our vet had booked him in for surgery but in a final attempt to avoid surgery we gave him some Karma.

The very same day he became far less distressed and the leg came free. It was only briefly at first but after a month he had built up sufficient muscle to stop the joint locking completely, and now six months later it is hardly noticeable. I think it saved him from a lot of trauma and us from a lot of money!

We use Karma for all sorts of other things too; horses who are a bit feisty when being led/handled, vet visits, farrier visits and training. It helped ‘keep the lid on’ another TB who we had on box rest for six weeks after a sinus operation.

I had my doubts in the beginning as I’ve not had good results with magnesium calmers in the short term, but Karma really is brilliant and I don’t think I’d use anything else now.



Vanessa De Sutton
Video of Dollar before and after using Karma.



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