Karma Helps Settle Quirky Show-jumper

“I just wanted to  let you know how impressed I am with your Karma (liquid equine clamer); I am on week 2 of feeding Blue Chip Karma and the difference in my mare is fantastic.  I’m a total sceptic of so called ‘calmers’ but was recommended Karma by former international show jumper, Lionel Dunning.  My mare is a 7yr old show jumper and last year qualified the Marsh National 6yr old Final, but she was quite unrideable at times and her results were very hit and miss. Professionals had dubbed her talented but unrideable.


“After a break she returned this year again, as usual, very sharp, and you handled her with kid gloves. Since putting her on Karma I have a happy, placid horse! Yes she still spooks at silly things, but it’s over very quickly and calmness resumes. Unheard of!  Her rideability is so much better, and she is so trusting now. Today I clipped her ears with little clippers, again, unheard of. Roll on HOYS 2011 I say! Thank you Blue Chip!  Watch out for her, her name is Anderson’s Amazing Grace!”


Ellen Blackburn

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