June Update From Giovanni Ugolotti

Giovanni has had a mixed month so far – some brilliant results coupled with a devastating event at Saumur, where one of his top horses, Weinknog, sadly had to be put to sleep due to a multiple fracture in his leg.  Our thoughts are with Giovanni, and we hope the rest of his season runs smoothly.  Giovanni has put a report together below for you, so you can keep up to date with his events.


My month started very well with a trip to Withington Manor horse trails; I had two horses there, one in the novice, Wembley, who is owned by Tim Price (a NZ rider) who was unable to compete him and asked if I would ride him.  Wembley jumped double clear with a 37 dressage; both Tim and I were happy with how he went as I had only ridden him once before the event.  I then had CocoOceanin the Intermediate; she also jumped a double clear with a 34 dressage.

I was then at Hambleden horse trials with three horses.  I had Coco Ocean in the Intermediate, she jumped very well with a good dressage to finish 8th.  Then I had Weinkonig in the OI; this was his last run before the CCI*** in Saumur, so I was looking for a good dressage and a double clear – he did not disappoint, with a 29 dressage and double clear. He would of won but I went slow cross country as I wanted to save his legs for Saumur as the ground was hard due to the lack of rain.  I was also riding Punchline for an owner in the Intermediate; he did a good dressage and clear show jumping, but fell at the step out of the water.  I was happy how this event had gone but I had some home-work to do on Punchline.

The next event was Aston-le-Walls; I only had Punchline here.  I was hoping that the home-work I had done since Hambledon would pay off at this event – I was very happy with him as he jumped a double clear to finish 2nd.

I was then off two Saumur inFrance with Weinknog in theCCI***, and my girlfriend, Kathryn, riding Let It Bee in the CIC**.  Weinkonig did his best dressage test that he has ever done at this level, a good 54 leaving me in 20th out of 60 runners. I was devastated at having to make the difficult decision to have him put to sleep when he injured himself going cross country.
Kathryn did a good dressage and jumped a clear cross country, but because of what happened with my horse she was not able to fully focus and the show jumping did not go to plan, where she had three down.  It just shows that this sport is not just about the horse, it is also about your mind, and if you are not 100% focused or positive it does not work.

We tried to put what happened behind us in anticipation of the next competition which was Houghton.  We had three horses running here; Kathryn with two and me with one.  Kathryn had her five year old, Daisy Dimate, in the Burghley Young Event Horse section, and she finished 4th.
I had Coco Ocean in the CCI*, she did a very good dressage and I was happy with how she was improving.  I went out on the cross country but I was not riding in my positive way and could not forget the Saumur incident. The cross country did not go to plan and I had two stops at the water, which were totally my fault as Coco Ocean has never stopped on cross country before.  This sport is not just about how good your horse is but also about being focused and in a good frame of mind.  I was very disappointed in myself but at the same time I understood that I needed to re-focus myself.

Kathryn also had Let It Bee in the CIC***; he did an OK dressage but got a little hot because the cross country of the one star was going on right beside the dressage ring.  She then jumped show jumping with only one down which she was very happy with, as there were not many clears.  The cross country was a big enough challenge with enough questions all the way round.  Let it Bee had a silly run out at two angled hedges; he just jumped in too big and as there was only one stride there was not enough room for him.  This was just a silly mistake due to lack of experience on both rider and horse.  Kathryn was happy with how Let It Bee had jumped the cross country, just a little homework to be done at home.

Kathryn was then out at Berkshire college with Daisy Dimate doing the 5 year old class.  Daisy jumped double clear with 25 dressage and she finished 3rd.

I have also two new novice rides in my yard, Clut Rewind and Pandora, both are seven years old and I will aim them at Le Lion A’Angers seven year old class.
This month has been very hard but I finish on a high because I have found out that I have been selected to do the Olympic test event on Coco Ocean at the beginning of July, which is really exciting.  Kathryn has also been selected to do in on Let It Bee.

We start next month on a positive and hope it goes to plan.

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