Joint RLF Aids Sapphire’s Mobility

My name is Sapphire, and just now I’ve as many hands up to my withers as years to my age – both 16 plus a bit! I’m an Irish Sport Horse and I was born in Co. Cork. I’ve always been busy – first show-jumping, then in recent years, hunting, when I took care of the MFH. Life’s a bit quieter now, and about six months ago I started to feel a bit stiff and sore around the forefeet – to cut a longish story short, I developed what the humans called ringbone, and the vet even had the temerity to say I have ‘old man’s legs’. They’ve been putting something called anti-inflammatory painkiller in my feed, and just over a month ago started something else as well, called Blue Chip Joint RLF. This seems to have made a big difference already. I’m feeling much happier about going out and about with a rider – my exuberance isn’t restricted to just galloping around with my equine friends and jumping out of the field any more, plus, this stuff tastes delicious!

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