Joint Care Explained: A Sound Horse is a Happy Horse

In this week’s feeding article, we focus on joint care and maintenance and how you can provide your horse or pony with the best ingredients to help keep them sound and comfortable through the cold snap ahead and into the New Year ahead for a successful 2017!


Competing can put stress and strain on the joints so correct feeding is imperative to their longevity

Ensuring the longevity and quality of your horses’ joints should be of the utmost importance to any discerning owner as it is the key to a longer, more comfortable working life for your horse or pony. However, choosing the right supplement to use can be confusing and it can feel like you have to try several different options, at great expense before you find one that gives you the results you set out to achieve. Blue Chip understands this and specifically formulates all of their joint supplements to contain the highest quality, scientifically proven ingredients to provide maximum benefit to your horse. Blue Chip produces both the British Equestrian Trade Association innovation award winning liquid Joint RLF and Blue Chip Dynamic, a pelleted joint and bone supplement which targets growing youngstock, as well as elderly horses and ponies and those with bone issues.

Blue Chip Joint RLF has a 100% natural formula and was developed to assist with the everyday maintenance of joints and their associated tissues in order to promote longevity and help repair every day wear and tear. It includes Hyaluronic Acid, which is imperative in maintaining the viscosity of synovial joint fluid, ensuring that as the horse ages or injures the area, the fluid remains at the correct viscosity, reducing mechanical stiffness by allowing the joint to move freely. Also, in order to provide the building blocks to regenerate cartilage, the protective substance that covers bone ends and reduces friction between the joint and its capsule, Glucosamine is included in its most bio-available form, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, to ensure maximum absorption for effective cartilage turnover. MSM is another integral ingredient required in the maintenance of the surrounding tendons, ligaments and tissues, which when damaged can restrict joint movement, so Blue Chip Joint RLF incorporates an easily absorbed, organic form to provide the constituents of protein to aid the repair of these delicate structures.


Joint care is imperative when keeping your horse fit and healthy

Other beneficial ingredients that are included in both Joint RLF and Dynamic are Rosa canina, a powerful, natural rosehip extract that contains a special glycoside which acts to reduce swelling around the joint, and Yucca, a rich source of saponins which has been used for decades to nourish joints in both humans and horses. Also, in order to protect against the free radicals produced as a result of the stress of exercise and movement, Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, is incorporated to neutralise and ‘mop up’ these harmful compounds before they can affect the health of the joint capsule.


As well as Joint RLF, Blue Chip produces Dynamic, a pelleted supplement that includes all of the above, but is particularly beneficial to bone
development as it contains Silicon which has an integral role in the utilisation of Calcium, and encourages the development of strong bones. Silicon is often neglected from the formulas of many processed horse feeds, but it is highly beneficial to your horse during periods of growth as a youngster, or weakening during their veteran years, as it facilitates the efficient utilisation of the correctly balanced ration of Calcium:Phosphorus (2:1) in Blue Chip Dynamic.

In summary, when choosing a supplement to include in your horse or pony’s diet to help them obtain optimum joint health, you should always look to include the highest quality ingredients from bio-available sources as these will be the dynamic_highresmost effective in assisting the formation of vital supporting tissues and maintaining the joint itself. Key ingredients to look for in a supplement are Glucosamine, Hyaluronic Acid and MSM as these cover the preservation and care of cartilage, synovial fluid and tendons and ligaments which are crucial to keeping your horse or pony mobile, comfortable and most importantly happy at every stage of his life.

Joint RLF is priced at £44.95 per litre and will last the average horse 40 days when fed at 25ml and Blue Chip Dynamic retails at £41.95 per 20kg sack, lasting a horse of 16hh 36 days. For more information on any of the products in the Blue Chip Range, visit or call our dedicated advice line on 0114 266 6200


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