Jodie at Cabin Sunshine Tour, Scope International and More

“Mira 1V (VIOLET) ::::::Has been bang on form recording some lovely double clears and placings in 1,30 classes and winning a few 1,20 in the Cabin Sunshine tour.

CE Cockney Rebel (Harley) ::::::5yr old has come on a treat, he has Discovery double clears and is now Jumping Newcomers with ease, his attitude is fab – believe it or not this horse has not stopped at a fence !! He is training 1,20-1,30 at home and we will be gearing up for Newcomers 2nd rounds next year and 6yr old classes.

Telstar 0 (Bergie)::::  Is as always earning the entries and Diesel Money!  Constantly in the line-up at 1,15 and 1,20,, he has been great for Jodie,, now we have a young rider interested in buying him, he will go on and teach this young rider the ropes in seniors!!!

Ce Ilonka Van Meyerhof) (Inky)::::: After almost been put to sleep due to bad colic and twisted gut, this young mare has shown some fight and courage!  Twice the Vets phoned us to say we should think about putting her down and twice she fought back and beyond belief without surgery she has made a full recovery and she is back in full work ready to compete again.

Cuba 3yr old Zirroco Blue Youngster is looking great and definitely one for the future,  lovely nature and ability to match.

We are heading to Scope International with Violet, Bergie and Harley on the 21st.”

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