Jennifer Johnston Update

This season so far I have Caliana going to the Summer Regionals at Novice and Ferdi going at Inter 1. Both are going very well and Calaina is coming on in leaps and bounds. She is actually working at Advanced Medium at home, and I am very excited about her. The fact that I only aimed her at the Novice for these regionals is because she was still a little stressy at the time, and I am hoping that for the winters we will start moving up. I haven’t taken Ferdi to any Premier Leagues this year as I believe that it is worth upping his game at home before we make the trip South again, but he is working well towards Grand Prix and again, I believe the time spent consolidating his work at home will pay off. We have seen Paul Hayler many times this year, and are also starting to train with Hannah Biggs. My daughter is starting to do very well in her lines of things; Working Hunters and now BE Eventing, where she has had 4 double-clears in a row. We have just bought a new pony and so it is onwards and upwards for her.

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