‘It is really strange how things turn out’

It is really strange how things turn out. One upon a time I would NEVER have tried a dressage lesson. I just didn’t fancy it.

As usual we had to have a minor drama en route to Jill’s. An hour and a half journey took nearly 3 hours because the rain was horrendous and we got lost. We unloaded a sweaty Ted, a seven year old boy and a bike. I think at that point Jill realised that we are actually bonkers! My brother cycled round whilst we made a hash of getting tacked up ( I don’t know why as we do it everyday) . I was really excited and could feel myself start to shake a bit. I was slightly worried that Ted wouldn’t impress or that I wouldn’t be “good enough”.

Needless to say, Ted always impresses. He is an alert and happy pony who just wants to please. And please he did! His previous owners kept him with Jill and he did lots of dressage training. They even came to see part of the session. The whole lesson was fantastic because Jill knew him so well and was able to instruct me using her detailed knowledge of both him and the discipline.

We were really lucky to find Ted. I am hoping now to improve my show riding with the new skill set that I am learning.It is really strange how things turn out

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