Is Your Horse Performing At His Peak?

With the competition season well under way, how are you finding your horse or pony is performing on his current feeding regime? Is he struggling with an increased workload? Is he lacking energy, sparkle and show ring shine? Does he not feel ready to achieve your goals for the year ahead?

Sound familiar? Well Blue Chip Feed Balancers are the answer to your feeding problems. Blue Chip produce a range of Feed Balancers to suit the needs of all horses and ponies competing in every discipline and has fuelled those competing at grassroots levels, right through to Olympic Medallists, proving they have the winning formula.

But which Balancer is the best for your horse or pony? Find out here with our helpful guide to Blue Chip Balancers:

Be the Best

Blue Chip Original maintains topline and condition by promoting correct muscle development via the inclusion of a high quality source of protein alongside specifically tailored levels of Zinc and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that ensure scurf free skin and a glossy, gleaming coat. Suitable for horses competing up to novice level, Blue Chip Original ensures optimum health and well-being with every mouthful and has been tried and trusted for twenty years by owners and riders worldwide competing in all disciplines.

Kate Lewis feeds all her horses Blue Chip Pro for a top performance each time

Perform Like a Pro

Blue Chip Pro is specifically formulated for the competition horse and is essential to any competitor wishing to achieve new heights in the season ahead. Blue Chip Pro incorporates blood building formula, Redjuvenate, into it’s whole-cereal and molasses free formulation to work in synergy with Nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA, to increase red blood cell production, improve fitness, stamina and recovery rates. Blue Chip Pro contains a pro and prebiotic based digestive supplement to promote efficiency of nutrient absorption, as well as specifically balanced levels of vitamins, minerals and nutrients alongside dedicated hoof and respiratory supplements to give your horse the winning edge.

Natural Nutrition for Natives

Blue Chip Original Native is the only feed balancer that has been specifically formulated to meet the different nutritional needs of Native Ponies and includes increased levels of zinc, soya and linseed oils to nourish each hair follicle and help the growth of the mane, tail and feathers that Native breeds are so admired for. As with all Blue Chip balancers, a top quality probiotic is included to promote a healthy bacterial gut environment and improve the efficiency of nutrient absorption, providing peace of mind that your Native is in optimum condition all season long.

Keep Calm and Compete On!

A calm horse is a focused horse!

Blue Chip Super Concentrated Calming Balancer incorporates magnesium, L-tryptophan and chamomile, which have proven calming effects on horses and ponies, into its highly nutrient dense formula which can be fed in small portions to anxious, stressed or worried equines to help instil a feeling of calm when a stressful situation arises. It is packaged in a handy 3kg tub which can be easily transported to shows and even fed from the hand as a tasty treat!



All Blue Chip Feed Balancers contain dedicated hoof and respiratory supplements in their 100% natural, whole-cereal and molasses free formulation, alongside specifically tailored levels of vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients ensuring daily head to hoof well-being for your horse or pony.

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