Irish Draught Declan Finds New Dynamic Movement


A very big thank you for my prize from the Equine Event prize draw- it was much appreciated and worth visiting your stand.


I met Clare Blaskey at the IDHS Breed show this year and am thrilled that she supports the promotion of the Irish Draught horse. In acknowledgement of her support I decided to try a bag of Blue Chip Dynamic on my 15yrs ID gelding who is stiff and arthritic. Before the end of the first bag I could see a change in him, and a few weeks later he jumped out of his field -something he hasn’t done for years!


Although he is still unsound with his ringbone, his residual stiffness appears to have gone, especially in his hocks. I asked my vet to check him, and he has improved from 7/10th lame to 2/10th lame -thank you Blue Chip!!


Many thanks again. 

Beth Brown

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