Interview With The National Championship Judges

The Blue Chip Flat Ridden Sport Horse Championship, National Hunter Championships, took place in September at the SHB (GB).

Blue Chip Feed Owner Clare Blaskey caught up with the Hunter judges to talk about how they judged the Sports Horse class class and what they looked for in their champion.

The Sports Horse class was judged by Mr D Dixon Esq and The Hon Mrs J C G Cavendish.

Both judges assessed the horses on their first initial walk round before separating. Mr D Dixon Esq then assessed pace and suitability for the disciplines and The Hon Mrs J C G Cavendish looked at the conformation. The judges were looking for horses that were going to fulfil the requirements of their chosen discipline and they both felt that all the horses in the top line up did exactly that.

The Champion horse of the class was 5-year-old ‘Boss’, owned by Mrs P Nuttall, and the Reserve was ‘Chelano Rass’, a 4-year-old horse owned by Ms K Ledger.

The two final horses impressed the judges greatly and they said the Champion winner of the class, ‘Boss’, was a nice big upstanding horse who presented himself as a potential showjumper. He had a good walk, a lovely forward going trot and a very nice strong powerful canter. All these qualities give him great potential to jump and both judges agree this is the career path he should follow.

When judging the conformation section The Hon Mrs J C G Cavendish found the champion horse to be very correct all the way through. She was looking for correctness in limb, horses that had no weaknesses and would stand a lot of work. She felt that both the champion and the reserve weres were so correct in their limbs that they would stand the rigours of high competition.

The reserve champion, 4-year-old novice horse ‘Chelano Rass’, came across to the judges as a very pleasant charming little horse. They picked him out on the way round, noticing he went about his business very workman like. They found him very difficult to fault however they both agreed that Champion ‘Boss’, had the edge on the day.

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