Interview With Anne Langan From Emergosol Lusitanos

Anne Langan & Luso Arab

Anne Langan is from Emergosol Lusitanos – a Lusitano horse breeder situated in Palhagueiras, Portugal.

She became very interested in the Lusitano breed after moving to Portugal.

A friend from England was looking for two Lusitano mares so Anne travelled to one of the state owned studs, who were auctioning off a group.

Arriving with the intention of buying a couple Anne ended up buying thirteen!

Two of the thirteen were kept, and live at the Emergosol Lusitano yard – which currently boasts 25 horses with 20 being pure breed Lusitanos.

Anne is hoping the yearlings amongst them will have futures as sports horses and is currently preparing them for dressage.

Speaking from experience Anne says a Lusitano horse will fall over backwards to please it’s owner, are easy to train (providing you win their respect) and are comfortable to ride.

Anne uses Blue Chip Original – feed balancer, on the horses at the yard, and trusts the products to keep her Lusitanos in great shape. So much so, she named one of her horses after the brand.

‘Blue Chip’ was the second horse Emergosol’s bred themselves and was entirely trained and brought on by Anne and her daughters, Emma and Gina. He showed great aptitude for dressage and competed up to elementary level in Portugal, before moving to England in June 2011. A month after the move he won his first competition with 74% of the vote, 9 points clear of second place.


Watch the interview with Anne below



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