Instantly Cool, Calm and Collected

With Bonfire Night just around the corner, several of us might be wondering how the loud bangs and unsettling smells and atmosphere of the events held around our yards may affect our horses and how we can reduce the stress surrounding the situations they may find themselves involved in.

Last week, in our article Equine Calming Supplements: What are the benefits, we looked at how using a calmer in the long term could help to positively influence our horses outlook on life and help them to achieve the calm, chilled out persona that they deserve. However, in situations where they may feel their senses heighten, compromising both their and your safety, it may be wise to implement the use of an instant calmer.

Instant calming pastes have becoming increasingly popular over recent years as owners worldwide have seen the benefit of their use in a variety of different applications, including:

  • Travelling
  • Competition
  • Change of routine
  • Change of environment
  • Box rest
  • Periods of injury

There are sevcalmerbox_highreseral different options available to purchase, however, here at Blue Chip, we have developed our Instant Calmers as a result of extensive research to combine both effectiveness and palatability into a 100% natural formula. So why should you use an AppleCalm or CarrotCalm?

  1. They are specifically developed to provide a concentrated dose of water soluble magnesium which has well known calming properties and regulates both nervous and muscle tension, so by providing a quick, intense application of this mineral can have a positive effect on promoting relaxation in your horse
  2. L-Tryptophan, a precursor for the anti-stress hormone Serotonin is included to replenish the levels of Serotonin in the brain that are left diminished as a result of the ‘flight or fight’ response. This is because when the horse is preparing to flee a sight of danger, the gut uses large levels of Serotonin to expel blood through vessels to the muscles in the limbs which can compromise digestive ability. By restoring these levels of Serotonin by providing additional L-Tryptophan, gut function can remain efficient and the brain can start to produce the ‘feel-good hormone’ your horse needs to remain cool, calm and collected!
  3. The fast acting, non-drowsy formulation allows you to administer a Blue Chip Instant Calmer as and when you need it because, as we all know, horses are unpredictable! We’ve all been in that situation where our horses are calm as cucumbers at home and turn into an absolute demon an hour before our class? Simply pop the syringe into their mouth and give the 10ml measure to help you on your way to a relaxed, winning warm up!
  4. As the formula is 100% natural and contains no banned substances, it is completely safe for you to use at both competitions and at home and if needs be, an additional amount can be administered if your horse is still tense after the first application. Some horses respond very quickly to the effects of an instant calmer, however, some react slower depending on their size and degree of stress, so as each Instant Calmer has three applications in one syringe, they are incredibly useful to have to hand when dealing with all sorts of horses and ponies

So how can an Instant Calmer help me this Bonfire Night?

Administering a dose of a Blue Chip Instant Calmer this Bonfire Night will help your horse to deal with the unusual sights, sounds and smells of the night by promoting a sense of calm throughout your horse, all thanks to its fast acting, natural formula which in preliminary testing by Blue Chip, was found to be 92% successful in several different applications where a horse may feel stressed or agitated, including those when environmental changes had been made.

Remember, that when your horse is stressed, they are not just outwardly upset, as their digestive capability and immune response can be compromised too so it is important to minimise heightened stress levels in these short periods as they may ultimately have long term effects.

You can purchase your Apple Calm or Carrot Calm by following this link and claim 15% off until the 11th November 2016, using the code BONFIRE15 at the checkout


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