Injured Horse Experiences Astonishing Results With Blue Chip Karma

Hi there, just wanted to say how impressed I am with Blue Chip Karma. I am something of a sceptic when it comes to things like calmers but following injury to my event horse, ‘Nothing Concluded’, requiring lengthy rehabilitation, I had to try something. The horse in question is spooky, hyper and hardy – what a combo – but also a total star. The first week of rehab was a nightmare with him fighting, rushing and stressing with his lunge work – i.e. getting nowhere. In desperation I headed to the local tackshop where I picked Karma due to the magnesium/L-tryptophan combo, and also because it is made by Blue Chip therefore I figured it would actually do something to help us. The results have been astonishing – 3 months of lunge rehab and the horse is now back in ridden work, and he is a reformed character. He is relaxed, working beautifully and actually enjoying the life that previous to Karma, traumatised him beyond belief. He is enjoying his turnout much more and he is blissed out in his stable with a soft eye and a happy demeanour. He has always been a grumpy so-and-so, so its lovely to see him so happy!! Thank you so much for this genuinely brilliant product, I am so thrilled with Karma and I’m recommending it to everyone!

Best wishes,
Christa Dillon (Republic of Ireland)



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