Improved Condition & Coat Is Gleaming

After Blue Chip Original

I thought I would send you a before and after picture of my ex racehorse Ollie. I have had him five weeks now and the difference in him is unbelievable. When I got him he wasn’t long out of training and had been on grass for a few weeks. He was away for two weeks in a new home and the people found him too much to handle so I decided to take him on. He came to me and he was under weight and his coat was dull and diluted. The difference in him is unbelievable he has put on lots of condition and his coat is gleaming and has really deepened in colour.


Before Blue Chip Original

When I finished my last bag of Blue Chip Original (natural feed balancer) he was of it for a couple of days till I got my next bag and I thought he wasn’t looking just as good, so now I make sure I don’t run out and get my next bag in before I finish the last one. First attachment is the before picture taken on 11th July. The second picture was taken 14th Aug.


Joanne Wood

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