How to save a life – Hope’s Story

Veterinary surgeon Vikki Fowler found Hope nearly two years ago laid face down in a ditch inches away from death, unable to stand; Hope had to be lifted out by a forklift. Vikki managed to persuade the owner to sell Hope. Then the struggle began; Vikki managed to get Hope back to the yard where it took her three weeks to be able to stand. During this time they gave the mare a bath to try and get rid of the ingrained mud and faeces that had built up over the years, this revealed just how underweight and malnourished Hope was.


photo (1)Hope2


As a vet, Vikki was all too aware of  how important is was to make sure Hope got the correct feed, which had to be introduced very gradually to prevent her system going into shock and causing digestive upsets.  Vikki says “Nearly two years ago I rescued my five year old Shire mare ‘Hope’ from a dire situation. She was collapsed in a field of mud, in freezing conditions, too thin and weak to stand. It was three weeks before she could stand unaided. Introducing her to feed proved difficult; she had never eaten hard feed. Blue Chip Original was tasty enough to feed by hand and contained everything she needed. Once she started eating hard feed I kept going with Blue Chip and within six months she was unrecognisable. Having always fed my horses Blue Chip in the past I knew how much it helps but the progress Hope made was remarkable and I have no doubt Blue Chip Original played a major role in her amazing recovery.”

As the photos show, Vikki has transformed Hope and the mare is now a magnificent winning show horse, a testament to Vikki’s hard work, time and dedication.


Vikki & Hopehop2 copy

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