Horse Dragging Herself & Not Using Hind Quarters

I bought my mare, Polly, in January this year.  She was in quite poor condition, but, being a ‘Blue Chip’ believer, I put her on the feed balancer and soon got the weight on her.  However, once I started to work her, I found that she kept going lame on her right hind leg.  By June she had developed huge shoulder muscles because she was dragging herself along instead of using her hind quarters as she should have.  I had her checked over by the vet who wrongly diagnosed laminitis; a physiotherapist who found an old tendon injury in that hind leg and, finally a chiropracter who suggested that Polly had arthritis in her right knee and right hock.

I decided then to try Blue Chip Joint RLF – and what a difference it made!  The attached pictures of Polly’s bum bear evidence of this, as you can clearly see the muscles on that right quarter building over a period of time as she can use her back end properly at last.  The first picture was taken on the day I got her, the second one in August and the third one a couple of weeks ago.  She’s not been lame since the Joint RLF, which I started in the middle of June,  and now has an almost peach shaped bottom instead of one that slopes away on the right hand side.   I would recommend it to anyone.


Sheila Cooper

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