Horse Calmers

Horse Calmers are frequently used to help calm nervous, stressed, spooky or excitable horses. Horses have an embedded flight instinct meaning that your horse could easily be spooked by the smallest things. Horse calmers can also be quite helpful for calming your horse when experiencing or recovering from injury, before a competition, or travelling.
The majority of calmers use magnesium as their active ingredient. Magnesium comes in different forms, with water-soluble magnesium (magnesium chloride) being widely regarded as the most effective.
A water-soluble source of magnesium such as magnesium chloride, along with L-tryptophan act as a ‘building block’ for serotonin, the ‘feel good’ hormone, which combats equine stress and agitation.

Injured Horses

Vanessa De Sutton from Wealden Horse Rescue Centre tells us how Blue Chip Karma  helped with her colt, Dollar.
“Karma seemed to help the muscles around the joint relax as they were in constant spasm. As the leg just would not come free, our vet had booked him in for surgery but in a final attempt to avoid surgery we gave him some Karma …the very same day he became far less distressed and the leg came free.
It was only briefly at first but after a month he had built up sufficient muscle to stop the joint locking completely, and now six months later it is hardly noticeable. I think it saved him from a lot of trauma and us from a lot of money!”
Another customer, Christina Dillon, was skeptical about horse calmers, but she tried Blue Chip Karma following an injury to her event horse, ‘Nothing Concluded’, who needed lengthy rehabilitation:×2481.jpg
The first week of rehab was a nightmare with him fighting, rushing and stressing with his lunge work – i.e. getting nowhere. In desperation I headed to the local tackshop where I picked Karma due to the magnesium/L-tryptophan combination.
The results have been astonishing – 3 months of lunge rehab and the horse is now back in ridden work, and he is a reformed character. He is relaxed, working beautifully and actually enjoying the life that previous to Karma traumatised him beyond belief”.

Competition Horses

Amanda Hayes says using a horse calmer makes her horse relax and perform better during a competition.
“I thought I’d drop you a note to say how pleased I am with the Blue Chip Karma What an amazing difference it has made!
My normally tense spooky horse that doesn’t like leaving others did a perfect clear first Cross Country of the season and came 6th in a very large working hunter class.”

Showjumper Beth Vernon uses Blue Chip AppleCalm instant horse calmer, before her warm up:
“I gave Zirina AppleCalm one hour before warming-up, as she can be a handful when I’m trying to mount.
Previously she has spun round, and even reared up and gone over backwards, despite someone being stood at her head.
After giving her AppleCalm, she stood perfectly for me to mount, with no-one to help!”


Horses can be particularly stressed when travelling. Sometimes this is due to a magnesium deficiency and an excess of calcium that results in excitability, tension and muscle cramps. Using a horse calmer that contains magnesium can help make travelling with your horse less stressful.
Jade Duncan uses an instant horse calmer before travelling to a competition to help with her ex-racehorse, who had just retired eight months prior. “He is a nervous traveller on his own and in the trailer. I found that AppleCalm worked a treat on him. He loaded well, was well behaved travelling and performed perfectly throughout the whole day.
It was nice to give him a product like AppleCalm that takes the edge off but doesn’t affect his performance.”
Danielle Heath also uses an instant calmer on her horses when travelling
“”>Carrotcalm had a brilliant effect on my 4 year old, Whitikers Prince.
“He is usually nervous, but after a measure of carrotcalm before he traveled he was much more settled and relaxed.”

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