“Her coat is amazing and her condition is super!”

I wanted to forward you some pictures of Harmony after being on Blue Chip – the first two pictures obviously are her now, and the last photo is of her before going onto Blue Chip Original. She is looking fantastic since we changed her onto your feed, and we are so pleased with the results. Her coat is amazing and her condition super – our vet commented on what super shape she is in, and she feels great too. With her being so well bred its especially important that she gets all that she needs as we aim to keep her as a broodmare in the future – it’s hard to imagine how she looked after we moved and she picked up that awful infection. We pride ourselves on keeping our horses and ponies in the best condition possible, so it was very hard for us to see her looking as she did, and with her being the age she was, she was growing at the same time which delayed her progress further. We are so pleased we put her onto Blue Chip, as it didn’t take her long to start picking up and thriving again. We really are thrilled with her; people comment on what a mature yearling she is now, especially bearing in mind how big she is, and that’s thanks to Blue Chip as she was so behind due to her being so ill at a crucial age. Onwards and upwards now! She is now 1 year 2 and a half months old, and growing lots but maintaining her weight evenly. Thanks for all your help and advice – we really appreciate it. We will continue to use Blue Chip for her and any of our other young stock that need it in the future.

Thanks again and best wishes, Keeley Sinclair.

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