Heavy Horses Can Do More Than One Job!!

Annie’s horse, LP, is a Clydesdale who she competes at Endurance on. She has been feeding LP Blue Chip Karma and said,


“Having read it thru I give Karma to him when we need it rather than daily, guess in summer that’s daily then! Had some lovely comments at the last Endurance event, a gruff  “they do the distance don’t they” a kind of reluctant acceptance that we’re not in it to slog them and to prove a point but because they CAN do it, and well…it is starting to filter through!


“LP is looking great actually and several of the staff have said he’s looking good…the real test is to come as he usually looks like a racing snake Clydesdale by August, not a good look for a big horse…..but currently I think the Blue Chip is definitely helping him keep topline and general condition. As time goes on I will see how his feet are too…..”


Annie at Cumbrain Heavy Horses


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