Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone.  It is that time of year where we look forward and back. Back at the highs and lows of last season and forwards to all the things we aim to achieve in 2016.

I had a great season in 2015.   I rode in the main arena at Horse of the Year Show on a pony who will always be very special to me. The super Fayre Dafydd.  I bought my new worker who we hope to do a little bit of eventing with and now have three novice show horses. Sadly, my beautiful baby 3 year old pony died as a result of a tumour on January 15th. It is strange how our sadness has remained with us. It is also remarkable how much comfort and support we have had from others. Some to be expected, others less expected but very welcome.

Other people that I know from showing have had a fantastic year. My friend, also called Ella, qualified her 13shp, called Timmy, for the veterans at Olympia. Rebecca Penny won her class at Olympia (sponsored by Blue Chip!) and also won HOYS.  Our showteam, led by David Jinks and Adam Forster, had a brilliant year with all of their ponies.

I have persuaded my mum to get back in the saddle and we are out and about regularly in our little red lorry. If you see us, please say Hello.

I have decided that 2016 will be what we make it. I am going to be a good sport, try my hardest and laugh a lot. I am going to enjoy my sport and try some new things and I may even take up side saddle again.

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