Getting ready for the summer season

This blog is long overdue. That’s because I have been really busy getting ready for the summer season. The strange thing is that usually I am 100% sure what the summer will hold. This year, however, I’m not. This has meant that preparations are complex and lengthy.

We have been tied up with human physios, equine physios, equissage treatments, in depth schooling  and I have replanned the pony’s menus to make sure they are entering peak condition now. In fact, my daily/weekly whiteboard schedule is crammed with notes and reminders. The positive thing is though, that it is all coming together and I feel a great sense of satisfaction.

I know exactly what I am doing with Oscar. He will probably continue to jump and I am hoping to put him in a few flatwork classes.  Ted on the other hand has surprised me completely. When I bought him I intended to take him to worker classes and hopefully qualify him for HOYS. It seems that this is not the case. Ted and I find cross country far more interesting.

Now we are entering a new sphere and really I don’t have any expectations beyond training camps and cross country rides although I could surprise myself yet! So you see, despite the meticulous planning and organising I actually don’t know what I am planning for! What I do know is that I am really excited about this season with my show ponies and that I cannot wait to face the challenges that lie ahead with the ponies at home .  Bring it on!

Good luck everyone this season

Love Ella xx

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