Get your 9th sack 100% FREE

The redesigned packs of Blue Chip Original, Pro, Lami-light and Dynamic now have a loyalty card printed on the back.

The loyalty card comes complete with 1 loyalty point. Cut out the loyalty card, then cut out the loyalty points from your subsequent purchases and attach them to the card.

Once you have collected 8 loyalty points send the card back to Blue Chip and we will send you a sack of whichever product you like absolutely free.

Loyalty points can be collected from any of the 4 sacks (you do not have to have 8x Pro points or 8x Original points – you can mix them up to make the total of 8).

The completed loyalty card can be redeemed against any of the Blue Chip sacks. If your points are collected from a mixture of Lami-light and Dynamic points you can still get a sack of Pro or Original as your free sack when you redeem your completed loyalty card.

The loyalty card is in addition to the merchandise tokens, which have been on the Blue Chip sacks for over 10 years. Each token is worth £2 towards Blue Chip merchandise. To view the range of merchandise the coupons can be redeemed against click here

The addition of the loyalty card is part of the sack re-design, which is due to the upgrade of the Blue Chip formulations. All product are now molasses and whole-cereal free. The feed balancer range now all include natural vitamin E and nucleotides.


To read more about the new formulations click here


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