Georgia’s January Round-Up

Georgia has been back in touch to tell us what she has been up to in the last month and what she has planned for the month ahead….

Final clip of the season – check

Tack room sorted – check

Work plan up to first event of the season – check

Competition plan for the season – check

I could not be more excited about the 2017 event season.  Buzz is coming on in leaps and bounds now (literally) and we are both learning so much every week.  We’ve come a long way from July 2015 when we arrived at Stafford for the BE80 and we might as well have just arrived from Mars.  Now I actually feel as if we have some inkling about what we are doing:  I know how I need to ride a 5 stride related distance; I know how fast 450mpm feels; I own a lot of plastic flowers for schooling over; we can manage a pretty balanced 20 metre circle.

I’ve been making the most of the good ground and reasonable weather and have been hunting a lot.  It means we haven’t managed as much schooling

Georgia and Buzz at Frickley Park in 2016

and competing as I might have liked, but it is a good break for Buzz’s brain (and a lot of fun) and he is looking fabulously fit because of it.  I have been worried that he barely had a break at the end of the summer season, but I’ve been quite careful not to ever tire him too much out hunting, so I hope that he will come out of the winter fit, but not tired and fed up, and ready to make the most of the early season events.  And of course he has been on Blue Chip Daily Health Balancer since November, which has helped.  As he is working quite hard at the moment I’m going to try the Blue Chip Pro from next month, to see if it helps with keeping condition on.

We’ve continued with fortnightly lessons with Tyler Cassells at Reaseheath College, where he always manages to challenge us with something different – corners on a curving line, uprights jumped at an angle out of trot, plenty of skinnies – and I feel as if I am sometimes now achieving THAT perfect show jumping canter – big and powerful but rhythmical and controllable at the same time.  We also have had the occasional flatwork lesson from Sarah Probin to keep us on track over the winter, and I’m working on making transitions a lot sharper, and using poles for walk and canter work to help lengthen the walk and shorten up and balance the canter.  We’ve also been on a trip away to Sue Colley’s yard in Derbyshire (Sue was one of the BE80T coaches who I met at competitions last year with a group of other middle aged eventing returnees.  It was brilliant fun as well as being very educational.  Every instructor brings different ideas to your schooling, and I came away from Sue’s with a clear idea of how to go about achieving what I want as well as a lot of positivity.  My kind of girl’s weekend away!

I am also being coached by my 9 and 10 year old daughters – on the benefits of social media!  I am very grateful to Blue Chip for supplying me with great supplements and so I need to fulfil my side of the bargain with a bit of promotion.  I am au fait with Facebook, but never really used Instagram or Twitter, so my children have taken over my social media management!  I need to get a bit better at remembering to ask people to take photos.  And at using hashtags. #midlifecrisiseventing #poweredbybluechip.  Buzz and I can now be found on Instagram as georgiaellenbutler and @georgiabutler_1 on Twitter.


Roll on Stafford!

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