Flick Is Happier and Healthier Horse Since I Have Put Her on Blue Chip

unnamed (5)Thank you for advising me on what to feed my horse, as it has really helped and she seems to be a happier and healthier horse since I have put her on Blue Chip and chaff. We even went on to win two competitions in show jumping on Sunday, so thank you for your help.

I e-mailed Blue Chip to ask for a sample of Blue Chip as she is a fussy eater to see if she liked it first before I went out and got any. Blue Chip were very helpful and advised me to feed her Blue Chip Pro Feed Balancer alongside Alfa A Oil; they sent me a sample in the post and gave me some great advice. To find out what food was best suitable for my horse they found out about my horse first, and treated me as an individual. Pro has really helped my horse as she is the age of 17, and since I have put her on to this diet she seems to be much happier and it seems like she is feeling a lot easier to jump which we both love.

This picture of her jumping was only taken a week ago; before I started feeding her Pro she would have not been able to jump this well, and this is really good news as we both love doing cross country. Thank you Sarah for helping me find the best food for my horse as we can carry on doing the things we love.

Megan Cooper & Flick

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