Ella’s First Blog Update

My name is Ella Stuttard. My show horses that are with the Jinks Show team are sponsored by Blue Chip feed. I have two horses on a friend’s yard that is very close to our house. I dream of having my ponies in our back garden but my mum says that if we kept our ponies at home we would never sell them on. That’s true.

It has been a very busy week. My new pony, Teddy, was delivered on Monday. As usual it wasn’t without mishap but everyone survived and that’s all that counts. On Tuesday, the saddle fitter came. That actually went smoothly. On Thursday I rode him in the school and hacked him across the moors. That was brilliant!  Today was extra excited. Both of my home ponies took part in a photoshoot on our yard. I schooled them, jumped them, washed them off, tidied them up and preened them so they looked clean and “at home” but not too polished.  Both boys, Oscar and Ted, were really well behaved. Oscar was born to go in front of the camera and posed at every opportunity whilst Ted was looking for hounds in the distance.

It was interesting that no one on the yard tried taking photographs with their phones from a position near the photographer. You often see it happening at weddings and I thought a horsey shoot would be no different. I often wonder whether the photographer would be annoyed but I decided that an i phone can’t replicate the light and shade of a professional camera so it isn’t worth trying. I wish we had tried though because then I wouldn’t have to wait until tomorrow to see what the photographer took!

Lots of love

Ella x

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