Dynamic Massively Improves Movement For Adopted Horse

I adopted Ali Khan (a.k.a. Canny) from a British Army riding school in Germany about two years ago. He was a 15 year old 14.2hh Haflinger gelding.The riding school was closing down and homes were found for all the other horses and ponies except for him. When I got him, he was an overweight cheeky little fellow that had the riding school kids in tears more often than not. He had always had a very funny movement in his hind legs and the vet in Germany had told me that it was probably bone spavin in his hocks and that he was not a horse for hard work. Upon our move to UK, we moved to a wonderful yard that was very active. He lost weight and built up muscle as his work load slowly increased. He was never going to be a showjumper but I had planned to do the odd small jumping class and mostly concentrate on sponsored rides. One day, when we were doing a dressage test, the judge actually stopped me and said that my horse was lame. I tried to explain that he had moved like that since anybody could remember, but I had to admit that that day he felt more stiff and uneven than usual. I got the vet out and had his hocks X-rayed, which did not show up any abnormalities, and the vet was as baffled as I as to why he moved like he did. To cut a long story short, we determined that, most importantly, he was not in any pain. At that time, a friend of mine suggested that I try Blue Chip Dynamic, which had worked really well on her arthritic cob, helping with stiffness. I have been using Blue Chip Dynamic since then (May 2011) and have noticed massive improvements in Canny’s movement! We have done up to 12 mile sponsored rides, gone for 3 hour long hacks, done some X-country jumping…he is more energetic, he moves much more freely and he has not since then been as uneven as on that previous occasion. He is turning 17 this year, and still going strong!

Thank you very much!

Best regards,
Dee Pollard



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