Dynamic keeps Bell feeling great

This is the 2nd bag of Blue Chip Dynamic I have ordered for Bell, my 22 year old 16.1 Bavarian Warmblood who I have owned for 16 years.

She was diagnosed with mild bilateral lameness in both hind legs over a year ago. She has been stiff in her rear quarter, but since being fed Blue Chip Dynamic we have noticed a marked improvement – and she is obviously feeling better.She is currently being ridden out 4 times a week, and wearing her shoes down evenly which is something the farrier has noticed. I first treated the condition with a professional physio, alongside devils claw supplements. This gave her relief but not continuous, so off to the vet we went, where she was diagnosed with arthritis is both hocks and fetlocks. Obviously due to her age no other recommendations were made from the vet apart from bute and to keep her active. It would be fair to say that she was on at least half a bute per day continually after the loading time. I was keen to reduce her bute intake permanently so I tried Blue Chip Dynamic, which has made a dramatic difference. She is not totally off bute, but only has a quarter of a sachet per day at the very most, and some days none at all.

She is still keen to jump, and thunders up the fields like a youngster with no ill effects the next day. I truly believe that Blue Chip Dynamic has turned her around, and I hope to have many more years with her, hacking and low level jumping. As you can see she looks great and loves to win.

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