Double Clears Galore for Louise and Corky!

Louise Doherty has had a busy July with her budding event horse Corky, and here she tells us a little about what she has been up to recently:

‘Corky has been on fantastic form lately winning both his British Dressage Bronze Prelim tests, qualifying him for the Petplan Area Festival and the Scottish Championships! I couldn’t be more pleased with him as he also finished his last two BE90s on a double clear! It’s the first time we have achieved double clears at this level so I’m absolutely over the moon with him. I put a video of our XC on our Facebook page which has reached 1,700 people with 700 views so far. You can hear the commentator announces that we are sponsored by Blue Chip too which was great!’

Watch Louise and Corky in action here:

‘We have another event this weekend at Dalkeith, and then onto the Cabin in Aberdeen the following weekend to compete in the Petplan Area Dressage Festival.  We are staying away this time too which will be exciting! After that we are competing in the Scottish Dressage championships in early September before more eventing at Dalston Green.’

To keep up with Louise’s progress, visit it here Facebook page Amateur Equestrian Antics >>

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