Definitely Looks The Best Of The Bunch

I have used Blue Chip Original for over 6 years now.  I buy youngsters straight from the breeder and they always seem to benefit from the Blue Chip.  Currently I have 2 horses, a 7yr old and a 3yr old.  The 7yr old is jumping Foxhunters and has been fed Original for nearly 4 years now.  She was quite poor when I got her but is now the absolute picture of health.  She’s always in great condition, with plenty of muscle tone and a fabulous coat.  She gets worked well each day but I’m sure that the topline is helped immensely by the Blue Chip.  Every year she’s the first to get rid of her winter ‘woolies’ and has her summer coat already – she’s absolutely gleaming.


I also feed Original to the 3yr old, she’s had if for 2yrs now.  Although she’s just fed haylage she is also a picture of health and has had a great coat all winter (albeit very hairy!)  She is kept in a large youngsters barn with 4 others and she definitely looks the best of the bunch!  She’s grown lots over winter too!!! 


I’m attaching pictures of my 7yr old mare Weterna.  The difference between her when I first got her and 2yrs later is very evident!!!  She was Champion Mare at the KWPN mare grading and went back the year after to do her IBOP which resulted in her becoming a Keur mare – she knows she’s special!!!



Nichola Craddock

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