David Morris: Moving On

David has has to make some hard decisions since the start of the year and has been in touch to tell us how his dressage career is starting to take off since he made them…

Selling Bam Bam 

I made one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make at the end of December of last year. I always thought of owning Bam Bam forever, but I had to come to the harsh reality that my ambitions in dressage were maybe bigger than Bam’s capabilities, but I also wanted to give someone else the opportunity to have what I had with him.

Bam taught me everything; we shared amazing times together and he gave me the confidence when I needed it the most. He was patient when I was learning and he looked after me and made me feel like we could do anything! He tried his hardest in everything we did together and I will always hold a special place in my heart for him, so I knew that I needed to find him a 5 star home. I keep in close contact with his lovely new owner and they are both getting on brilliantly. He is happy which means I am happy as that is all I ever wanted for him.

January Blues

 January came around and I decided that a trip down to The Talland school of Equitation in Cirencester to have some lessons was just what I needed after an emotional few weeks. I was lucky enough and honoured to have a lesson with the amazing Pammy Hutton herself and ride her very own Grand Prix horse! He has got to have been one of the biggest horses I have ever ridden or seen before but it was an incredible experience. I mean, where else can you get the chance to have lessons on such amazing talented horses!

Buying my New Boy

I knew this wasn’t going to be easy, because when I bought Bam, all that was on my shopping list was to find a big black one that would look after me so as my ability has grown, so has my list! After nearly two months of searching the internet, viewing and riding, I finally found my dream horse!

Blue Chip Charlie is a 5 year old, 17hh Dapple Grey Hanoverian who is incredibly handsome and has an amazing temperament. I am extremely excited about our journey and future together as we progress up the levels in dressage an fulfil our ambitions!

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