Daisy Coakley update

Excel High Performance was, once again, a very interesting few days. I caught up with the strength and conditioning coaches and they gave me new exercises to try and noticed an improvement in the mobility of my back. I also had a Sports Psychology, Media and nutrition session, all of which were very informative and helpful. The horses also saw a nutritionist and a vet, both of which went very well and we are pleased to confirm that the horses are nice and healthy. Daya had a great lesson with Gareth Hughes on Monday, we worked on her general way of going and walk pirouettes. Bing had a good lesson the following day, working on half pass and movements such as half pass to medium trot.

I attended my first High Profile Show at Adington with Bing and Daya. Judy drove Daya up on Friday to compete in Medium 75. There was a big class and Daya managed to hold her own coming 10th overall with two blips in the ‘not so simple’ simple changes. She won the Restricted section on 66%. I then watched some dressage and shortly after Judy left, Melise arrived with Bing. Bing was rather tense on the Saturday but then was his usual bubbly self on Sunday. He managed to scatter horses in the warm up by prancing round with his tail above his head. He won the Medium restricted section on 67.7% and came 4th overall. He also won the Medium Freestyle! He was very well behaved in the International Indoor school and I managed to completely improvise all the canter work!
I have a few results to report for January so far…

Mabel went to Bury Farm and gained a first and second with 71 and 73% in two Novice tests. Bing competed later that day and was also placed 1st and 2nd in his Medium classes. Daya went out two days later and scored 67 and 70% in her Medium tests, winning both. Then Mabel went out two days after that and scored a whopping 73 and 75% at Patchetts! A busy few weeks full of some great work from all the horses. And meanwhile back at home Louis started his jump training…..He was flying!! Now a few weeks of training and Show jumping (for Louis)!

Daisy Coakley

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